Creativeprintshop office is a favorite project and includes:

– Remodeling of all spaces

– Design and color selection

– Kitchen design proposition and creation

– Study and design of cupboards and bookshelves

– Choice of chairs of all departments and rooms

– Select sofas, guest tables, dining room tables

– Proposals of decorative objects

– Selection of materials for floor and bathroom

– Selection of plumbing and bathroom furniture

– Design and creation of main office table

– Study of lighting in all areas separately

– Gardening

Creative Printshop is Sila’s graphic design office and has been re-decorated many times in the past. Its current appearance is as shown here and it is the perfect example of a small place looking really large.

Funny colors and transparent materials create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere, while the connection to the garden gives the impression of being part of a quiet village.

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