Fine Life Group is a challenging project that includes:

– Remodeling of spaces of an appartment for business

– Design and color selection

– Reception design proposition and creation

– Director’s, Executive, Meeting tables design proposition

– Wall decoration by Sila’s pop art painting creations

– Study and selection of all furniture (sofas, chairs, tables)

– Study and selection of wall colors and window shading

– Study and selection of plants, pots, balcony decoration

– Main street and inside sign design

– Selection of of everyday utensils. (glasses, cups, etc.)

– Selection of of decorative objects. (ashtrays, vases, etc.)

– Supply of stationery. (pens, clipboards, etc.)

– Creation for printing cards. (letterheads, envelopes, etc.)

– Creation for printing executive pens and dosiers

– Graphic design for invitations, brochures and banners

Fine Life Group is a leading source of financial, legal and business services for the world’s businesses, professionals and individuals, providing clients with competitive advantages in the fields of company’s practice. With highly qualified personnel, experts in their disciplines, a record characterized by success, and an innovative approach in the way we serve our clients, our Group offers corporate, accounting, audit, tax, wealth management services as well as property related advising and execution, immigration advise, logistics consulting, heritage management,business consulting and, of course, legal services covering the whole range of services in the sector.

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