Mr. S. A. has a large and challenging project that includes:

– Remodeling of spaces of a country home

– Design and color selection

– Kitchen design proposition and creation

– Study and design of cupboards and bookshelves

– Selection of suitable electrical kitchen appliances

– Selection of suitable contemporary televisions

– Choice of chairs of all departments and rooms

– Select sofas, guest tables, living room tables

– Proposals of decorating space

– Proposals of decorating bedrooms and living rooms

– Inside iron stair design

– Selection of tiles for floor and bathrooms

– Selection of plumbing and furniture for bathrooms

– Design of furniture

– Design of TV furniture

– Study of lighting in all areas separately

Mr. S. A. is a person who likes minimal design in warm colors.Therefore the selection of the main color of the house was inspired by the color of the ground around the house. This color – RAL 1019 – is applied in all spaces of the outside of the building and inside in certain walls to bring the outside actually inside.

A large and practical kitchen is designed to gather all family members to cook together and prepare food using the biologicaly harvested vegetables of the estate.

For heating, the best option is a fireplace and a burner consuming pellet and wood from the pruning of the trees of the estate.