– Careful consideration of customer needs.

– Respect of favorite colors and materials.

– Estimating costs of decoration.

– Organizing staff and professionals.

– Responsible choice of workmen.

– Design and color selection.

– Selection of tiles for floor and bathrooms.

– Selection of plumbing and bathroom furniture.

– Design of furniture if needed.

– Design of administrative and managerial offices.

– Concept design of meeting and waiting rooms.

– Study of lighting in all areas separately.

– Kitchen Design.

– Study and design of cupboards and bookshelves.

– Selection of suitable electrical kitchen appliances.

– Selection of suitable contemporary televisions.

– Design of TV furniture wherever needed.

– Choice of chairs of all departments and rooms.

– Select sofas, guest tables, living room tables.

– Proposals of dividing spaces with glass panels.

– Select window shading.

– Banners and artistic decorations for the walls.

– Selection of main entrance and inside doors.

– Selection of everyday utensils. (glasses, cups, etc.)

– Selection of decorative objects. (ashtrays, vases, etc.)

– Design of signs. (street, elevator, entrance, reception)

– Study for stationary supplies. (pens, clipboards, etc.)

– Concept and design of multifunctional spaces.

– Cleaning crew tender on a daily/weekly basis.

– Study of office’s needs (coffee, drinks, treats, etc.)

– Indoors, outdoors and balcony gardening.

Creation on cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.

Web design, internet marketing, social media.